Roma Johnson Holley

About the Book

Surviving the Storm Through the Wind of the Spirit is the story of one woman’s journey through grief. The loss of her 21 year old son threw her into a storm from which she could see no hope of survival. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she finds a way to live again with the promise of eternity.



Roma Johnson Holley, My Friend


The following quotation is a picture of who Roma Holley is to countless numbers of people: “Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.” (author unknown)

The title of Roma’s book “SURVIVING THE STORM THROUGH THE WIND OF THE SPIRIT, MY JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF” is the clue to how Roma remains strong and inspires all who know her.

It is fun to watch my friend, Roma, interact with her grandchildren. It is awe-inspiring to read her poems. It is amazing to hear her stories of the many students she interacts with through World Bible School. It is beautiful to watch her comfort others who have lost a loved one. Those are just a few of the many reasons that Roma Johnson Holley is my friend.

I have watched my friend with both awe and pride as she has survived the horrible storm of losing her son in the prime of his life at age 21. It has been beautiful to see her allow the Spirit to guide her journey through grief. You, the reader, will be blessed as she shares her story with you.

Dr. Sandy Hazelip
Public speaker
Short-term missionary to: Cambodia, China, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Russia, and Zambia.

About the Author

Roma Holley was born and raised in west Texas and grew up loving animals and all things country. Brought up to love the Lord and seek His guidance in all things, her life was enriched as she traveled to and lived in several countries and states. Through the course of her life she encountered many people who helped influence and refine her love of God. As a mother of 4 and grandmother of 6 she tries to set an example for them to follow that will lead to eternal life with God the Father.